1. Stare at the red dot for 30 seconds.

2. Look at a white wall or blank surface and blink.

3. Enjoy.



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“Common threads amongst homophobes: one is that you choose to be gay, the second one is “All gay people are recruiting others to be gay”, and the third is that they are exactly the same as pedophiles, that there’s no difference”

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Texts from my dad.

A lightning bug just landed on my rite knee and appears he can’t find his OFF switch. He has a constant GLOW. I think he’s dying, or got tired of fuckin blinking

I’ll let u know how it works out 4 him.. His light is as not bright as it was when he arrived. I think he’s gonna DIE on my rite knee

He shall recieve a proper burial. His light is no more.

He looked at peace with da world at his last moments. I hope I will be as lucky as he in MY final moments

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“my concern was a lot of the radical ideas they were teaching in these classes, telling kids that this is their land and the whites took it over”

okay but this is what actually happened buddy…. 

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OK what the fuck

I just had the craziest dream ever.

I don’t remember the lead up at all but apparently my family and I were somewhere in Alabama for some reason, and we were getting ready to leave, I guess, so we stopped at like a McDonalds/gas station thing, and I see this little kitten that looks like it’s hiding in the grill of a car, so I go to get it out before it gets burned or killed with the engine starts, and I see that there’s a dead mama cat under the car :C So I snagged fluffy white kitty and tell my family to wait up and go to take him into the bathroom and wash him off. He looks OK, but it’s clear the mama’s been dead a while because he’s got goopy eyes and poopy butt. So I cleaned him with warm water and very diluted soap (which probably for a real cat would not have been a great idea) and then put him under the hand dryer, because I’ve always been told kittens that young can’t regulate their own body temperatures, so I wanted to get him dry and warm.

And as I’m drying him, this tall woman walks up to get a paper towel and is all “oh, he’s so cute!” and fucking SNATCHES HIM!!!! She just walks off saying some crazy shit I don’t remember, and apparently the McD/gas station is built into someone’s house??? I don’t know… anyway she goes into this room and hands the kitten to her friend like “We’re keeping it” and I’m screaming at her that he’s gonna die if I don’t get him dry and stable and her friend does this disappearing act with it somehow and what feels like a good fifteen minutes, I’m fighting this girl, some physically, to get this fucking kitten back. I forget how, but eventually they turn away or some shit and the bedside table in the room is one of those clear plastic drawer-things, and kitten is walking around on top of underwear all “meow~ :3” so I grab him and RUN and end up getting lost through this fuckin’ house and somehow I come out and I’m walking around to find my family and this crazy bitch shows up again and wants to kick my ass for a fucking kitten that I found abandoned in a parking lot, while the kitten is in my pocket! So I use that to stall her and start walking and telling her to just chill out and maybe we should call the police to help us negotiate it blah blah blah and as we’re walking, we turn a corner and there’s like this raised bushes thing (you know, like a landscape island or whatever, with boards around it?) and there’s a cat that looks like he’s a white cat maybe with a black leg or something that’s covered in mud and I say “there, there’s your cat, take that one if you want one so bad”.

She shrugs and reaches over and grabs it by the fucking ears and tries to pull it towards her but he’s got his paws dug down into the dirt and wont budge and she gives up and looks at me like “what the fuck do I do now?” and I sigh and reach over and realize he’s all trembling and panting and he shakes a little and I realize he’s not muddy but covered in blood and there’s a black cat crouched behind a bush a little ways away that looks sort of torn up, too so I just started walking again because the bleeding cat was trying to come near me and was getting blood on me and no can’t do that. It jumped down and slinked off somewhere and so we kept walking and I look down and there’s this tiny, like, not even real tiny kitten that wasn’t even fluffy, he had really short downy hair and he was a grey tabby and it’s eyes were open and she almost STEPPED on him so I pointed him out and she picks him up (he was like… the size of a cherry tomato or something) and point out another that was wobbling around and she picks them up and I figure they’re probably going to not make it anyway, so at least maybe it isn’t a bad idea letting this crazy have them, and we walk through this weirdo area that’s sort of like a chicken coop and sort of like a pound or whatever, and I finally lose her and see my family again and as I’m walking up, pulling the kitten out of my pocket, my mom’s all impatient and gets my brother to wave a pack of cigarettes at me to hurry me up and I start bitching like crazy about this girl and then I woke up.



I have no idea.


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Robert no thema


I am fucking dying right now.

My grandma used to have the same shitty little keyboard that would play this exact version of House of the Rising Sun.

*nostalgia and laughing and so much can’ts to even*

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Most “edible education” initiatives are designed to teach kids about food and show how to lead a healthier lifestyle, but what about adults? Uncovering and disseminating the truth about our broken food system remains a challenge … and it’s not about to get any easier. Last year, states across the country proposed legislation to make the taking of pictures or video of farms or food production facilities illegal (they were all eventually dropped). Thirteen* states have passed food libel laws to criminalize any behavior which may endanger the profits of a food company (this includes defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures). Robby Kenner, director of the documentary film Food Inc., says the food industry has little interest in letting us know where our food comes from and what’s in it. His biggest shock came during a congressional hearing on whether cloned meat should be labeled. When the industry rep said, “I don’t think it is in the interest of the consumers to be given this kind of information … it would just be too confusing,” the lack of transparency in our food system became all too clear. Was this why Kenner made Food, Inc.? Yes. He was curious to know where our food comes from and how we can feed the world in a more sustainable way. “Eating food that is produced in an industrial manner just doesn’t taste as good as it used to,” he says. *Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. Twelve of these states’ statutes are civil; defaming a food company is considered a criminal act in Colorado.

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